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—stock code: 831536—

From power generation to electricity, we are constantly changing energy needs Provide a durable solution!

Strategy is implementation, what you want. The professional technical team gives you the right advice to help you solve the problem.

Power plant project

Domestic, foreign

Domestic: 2×600 unit project of Shenhuo Power Plant, 2×660 unit project of Yichuan Longquan Jinheng Power Plant, 2×300 unit project of Datang Linzhou Power Plant, Guoxin Xinmi Power Plant 2× 1000 unit project, Huaneng Yubei Power Plant 2×600 unit project, Pingdingshan No. 2 Power Plant 2×1000 unit project, Jiaozuo Wanfang Power Plant 2×660 unit project, Kaifeng Power Plant 2×600 unit project, Xinjiang Shenhuo 4×350 unit project of power plant, 2×660 unit project of Xinxiangyi Power Plant of Xintou Township, 2×600 unit of Huarun Dengfeng Power Plant;

Foreign: Venezuela"s new Cavalli gas-fired power plant, Angola...

Hydraulic Engineering Project

South-to-North Water Transfer Middle Line Project, Zhengzhou Yellow River Diversion and Renovation Project, Zhengzhou Niukouyu Yellow River Diversion Project, Zhengzhou Shangjie District South-to-North Water Transfer Project Waterworks Project, Henan Jiyuan Hekou Village Reservoir Project...

Municipal Medical Project

Zhengzhou University First Affiliated Hospital Project, Greenland Center·Qianyi Square Project (formerly Greenland Plaza·Zhengzhou Dizhan Hotel), Linzhou People"s Hospital Project, Zhengzhou Post Office Agricultural Road Branch Comprehensive Production Building Project, Zhengzhou Hilton Hotel Project...

Metro Airport Project

Metro project: Xi"an Metro Line 1, Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, Shanghai Metro, Guangzhou Metro, Wuhan Metro, etc. Airport Projects: Zhengzhou Military Airport, Shanghai Hongqiao Airport, Zhengzhou Xinzheng Airport Terminal, Nanyang Airport...

metallurgical papermaking project

Baiyun Paper Project, Anyang Steel Plant Project, Shandong Huatai Paper Project, Wuhan Steel Plant Project, Wuyang Steel Plant Project, Jiyuan Steel Plant Project...

Recording traces Engraving tracks


Dai Jitao, Chairman of our company, was invited to visit Zhongheng Design2018-08-28

On August 27th, Dai Jitao, the chairman of our company, was invited to visit Zhongheng Design Group Co., Ltd. (stock code 603017), Feng Zhenggong, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Mr. Yu Jipeng, the first-level registered construction engineer of the professor-level senior engineer, accompanied by Hu Yixin. Zhongheng...

2018-08-20 The “running” of substation construction in our province is moving towards intelligence

In October 2013, the first intelligent 500 kV substation in the province was successfully completed. Commissioned. Five years later, in May 2018, the province"s 41st 500 kV substation was also officially put into operation in the 12th intelligent 500 kV substation 500 kV Luzhou substation. In recent years...

The three main reasons are driving China"s rapid growth in electricity consumption2018-08-06

Since this year, China’s economy has been operating steadily, and power consumption has grown much faster than GDP growth, exceeding expectations It seems to be against the laws of recent years, causing widespread concern and discussion. A few days ago, the National Statistics Bureau and the National Energy Administration released the first half...

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